QR Code on Headstone: A Novel Way to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

George Joseph Palmer qr code plaque

QR codes on headstones and plaques are the newest and most innovative way to remember our deceased loved ones. 

Different cultures have different ways of memorialising loved ones who have passed on. East Asians, for example, bring offerings of incense and food to commemorate the deceased. The Spanish people celebrate those who have passed on by gathering on the anniversary of their loved one’s death and offering prayers and flowers in their memory. The Mexicans, meanwhile, remember their dearly departed with festive costumes and makeup on the Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Australian commemoration of the deceased is pretty simple. Family and friends visit their graves now and then to offer flowers and light a candle.

If your loved one passed on recently, maybe you’re one of the people who want something more than to look at their framed photos at home or those saved on your phone. You also probably have family and friends living elsewhere, and they could only visit the deceased’s grave long after the funeral. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share photos and memories with your family and friends and reminisce online?

QR Code Headstone: A New Trend for Commemorating the Departed

With a QR code on a headstone or plaque, you can do that. But what is this technology and why is it a great way to celebrate the life of your loved one? Let’s talk about it.

Surely you have seen a QR code before. They’re on the checkout counters in the supermarket when you want to pay for your groceries and they’re on your phone when you want to transfer money to a friend. You can see them on food packages, receipts and most recently COVID check-in apps.

The technology has been around since 1994. But it was only recently when people found creative ways to integrate QR codes into their lives, including putting them on headstones and plaques to commemorate the life of the deceased online.

How Does It Work?

So how does a QR code headstone or plaque work?

1. First, you have to upload photos of the deceased to an eTribute page. This page is linked to a QR code which will then be added to the headstone or plaque. 

What kind of photos can you upload? You can upload childhood photos, photos taken during their teens, graduation photos, birthday photos, etc. Anything to chronicle their life. You can also upload photos taken during the funeral itself.

But the good news is you’re not limited to photos. You can also add eulogies and videos, as well as farewell messages from families and friends.

2. Once everything is uploaded to the eTribute page, you’ll receive a unique website address, as well as the QR code.

3. The QR code can be downloaded and sent to a stonemason who will put it on the headstone or plaque. You can also have it printed on the funeral programme.

4. Visiting the gravesite of your loved one later? Reminisce and celebrate their life while in the cemetery or the columbarium simply by scanning the QR code on the headstone.

What Else Can You Include on the eTribute Page?

Apart from the deceased’s name and age, you can also include their birthdate and the date when they passed on. You can also write a short narration of their life, the names of their closest family members, and anything important you might want to add.

Keep in mind that the things you share are completely up to you. Share what you are only comfortable with and only share information that doesn’t violate the privacy of the deceased or other family members.

How Do You Get a QR Code on a Headstone For Your Loved One?

  1. Simply sign up on the See My Life website and fill out the online form we set up for the deceased’s information for free.
  1. Upload your loved one’s life story. You can also include a eulogy if you wish.
  1. Upload your loved one’s photos and videos.
  1. Once everything is uploaded, your loved one’s eTribute page is instantly generated and viewable online.
  1. You can now share the QR code or dedicated page URL link on your social media pages.
  1. Forward the QR code to the stonemason or cemetery administration so it can be added to the headstone or plaque.
There you have it, how to get a QR code on a headstone online. If you want a unique way to commemorate a loved one’s life online, simply visit the www.seemylife.online  website, sign up for free, and start uploading those wonderful memories.