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Create a QR Code Linked to an eTribute Page

Upload all their wonderful funeral content containing their life story in pictures, tribute messages and eulogy, to an online eTribute page linked to a QR Code.

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Upload all their funeral content to a See My Life eTribute page & linked QR code

A See My Life eTribute page and linked QR code allows your loved ones life story full of pictures and other important information to be easily viewed online by everyone attending the funeral or grave site for years to come.

Upload all their wonderful funeral content containing their life story in pictures, tribute messages and eulogy, to an online eTribute page linked to a QR Code.

The eTribute page is instantly created along with a website address (URL) and linked QR Code

The downloadable QR code can be printed on the funeral program. It can also be sent to the Cemetery/Stonemason and added to a headstone or plaque.

The QR Code & linked eTribute page show your loved ones life story, containing your most treasured pictures, tribute messages & eulogy.

All the wonderful content & images from your loved ones life can easily be viewed by scanning the QR code printed on the funeral program. If the QR code is also added to the headstone or plaque, anyone visiting your loved ones grave will then be able to scan the QR Code using their smartphone and see a dedicated web page containing pictures, videos and tributes to their wonderful life.

Funeral Homes

Become a See My Life “Participating Funeral Home”. We have created special free access for funeral home directors and funeral home staff.

QR Code on the funeral program

Download the QR code linked to your loved ones eTribute page and have it printed on the funeral programs. Allow friends and family attending the funeral to scan the QR code and see all the wonderful memories

What’s included on the memorial eTribute page?

All the information listed below regarding your loved ones eTribute page is not mandatory. So you can choose what information you would like them to be remembered by.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Birth Date
  • Passed away date
  • Town born
  • Upload up to 50 images for paid accounts
  • Upload 1 image for free accounts
  • Add up to 10 videos (if you have them)
  • Dedicated URL web address
  • Eurology
  • Life Story
  • Names of husband, wife or partner
  • Names of children
  • Names of grandchildren
  • Pages can be shared on social media or not
  • Map to grave site
  • Tribute messages from friends & family (approved by the page admin)


Free basic plan

  • Create an eTribute page linked to a dedicated dynamic QR code
  • Upload funeral content
  • Edit pages & images after publishing
  • Manage condolence messages
  • Upload up to 1 image

Individual plan

  • Create an eTribute page linked to a dedicated dynamic QR code
  • Downgrade to the free plan anytime after the funeral
  • Upload funeral content​
  • Manage condolence messages​
  • Upload up to 50 images
$55/ year

How does it Work?

Sign upNote- funeral homes have a different process
Complete an online form telling us about your loved one
Upload a eulogy or life story or both
Upload your favourite pictures of your loved one
eTribute page containing their life story is instantly created
Download QR code
Add the QR code to the funeral program and headstone/plaque
Let future generations see their life full of wonderful memories


How is the eTribute web page created?
The eTribute web page containing all your loved ones information is created by our website after you upload all of their information. This is done instantly after you publish the page.
Can you edit the eTribute page after it has been published?
Yes, just login at any time and edit the information you need to or add extra information.
How long does a QR code last on a headstone or plaque?
The QR code is inscribed onto the headstone or plaque by your stonemason so it will last as long as the inscription in the headstone is legible.
How does the QR code work?
Once you upload all the information about your loved one to the eTribute page and publish it, the QR code will automatically be generated by the system. You can then download the QR code and email it to your funeral home or stonemason.
Is the QR code applied to the plaque at the time of manufacture/inscription by the stonemason?
Yes the QR code is applied at the time of inscription by the stonemason. If you do not have a stonemason who is able to do this, we can put you in contact with a reputable stonemason who is familiar with the process.
Is it possible to have the QR code applied and then load information to the eTribute page over time?
Yes absolutely. You will have a login for the eTribute page and corresponding QR code with the ability to login and update information as you wish to.
Do we make funeral videos?
No we do not make funeral videos but you can upload video youtube links which contain photos and music put together to the eTribute page.
Our See My Life service allows you to keep all the wonderful memories gathered for the funeral in one place, so they can live on as a tribute to your loved one who passed away.

Example eTribute page

You can see an example of what the eTribute webpage could look like

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